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BELA DESIGN, formerly known as a professional product design company,  has been transformed into a household and stationary brand. We believe that through design, we can inject our thoughts and feelings into products so as to  make the product alive. While using these products you will feel delighted.
At present, our wood-based products utilize German beech certified by PEFC, American black walnut, maple and white ash. We believe that high quality wood will be a close friend in our lifetime.
In the next few years, we will be fully devoted into the design, development and production of wood , bamboo, paper, ceramics and other materials.Our goal is to create a kingdom of original design.


Zhang Fei (Design director/ Founder)

I like wood. Wood is the closest material to nature.Each kind of wood has its own characteristics,giving people different visual feelings and tactile sensations. Natural wood grain gives each piece of wood a unique appearance.Besides, wood is a kind of immortal material, which are the same with our adherence to the design belief - the product should be alive.
I respect the book "Ten Principles of Design” written by Dieter Rams,a German industrial design master. Designers are actually bridges between users and projects. As a designer, he needs to be responsible for the user's experience and feelings.He also needs to discuss with the engineer about the difficulties and feasibility of the process, and plus several tests.As each product I will use as less design language as possible to make the product as simple as possible.And my top concern is whether the customers would still like the products or not after products have been used for a while.”



2014.  iF Design Award
2015.  iF Design Award
2015.  iF Home Style Award
2015.  China Good Design
2016.  Gold Idea Award
iF Home Style Award
2017.  iF Design Award
2017.  Go Trend Award
2017.  Pinnacle Awards Asia-Pacific
2017.  Golden Pin Design Award
2017.  China Good Design
2017.  Red Star Design Award
2017.  Golden Pin Design Award
2017.  Pinnacle Awards Asia Pacitc
2017.  Go Trend Award
2017.  iF Design Award
2018.  Golden Pin Design Award
2018.  Design Intelligence Award
2019.  Go Trend Award
2019.  Reddot Award



2012.  Interior Lifestyle China (Talents), Shanghai
2013.  Ambients (Talents), Frankfurt
2013.  Hotelex, Deco&Design, Shanghai
2013.  Interior Lifestyle Tokyo (Talents), Tokyo
2013.  Design of Designers, Shanghai
2013.  Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry
2014.  Denmark Exhibition
2014.  Design of Designers, Shanghai
2014.  Interior Lifestyle China (Next Section)
2014.  Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry
2014.  Cross-strait Cultural Creativity and Traditional Art
2015.  Design Shanghai
2015.  Design of Designers, Shanghai
2015.  Interior Lifestyle China, Shanghai
2015.  Asia Design Management
2016.  Design Shanghai
2016.  Design of Designers, Shanghai
2016.  Interior Lifestyle China, Shanghai
2016.  Beijing Design Week
2016.  Xiamen International Design Week
2017.  Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition
2017.  International Hotel Design Lighting Exhibition, Shanghai
2017.  Story of China – Traditional Craft Innovation Show, Hangzhou
2017.  EAST Design Show, Shanghai
2017.  Design of Designers, Shanghai
2017.  Interior Lifestyle China, Shanghai
2017.  Beijing Design Week Dashilar 
2018.  Maison&Objet
2018.  Shenzhen Creative Week
2018.  Design of Designers
2018.  Design China Beijing
2019.  Maison&Objet
2019.  Shenzhen Creative Week
2019.  Design Shanghai
2019.  Design Tokyo

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