• Chinese Chess Was Awarded With 2017 Hangzhou Top10 Classic Works of Industrial Design

  • 2017-10-20
  • Following the 2016 iF Home Style Awards, belaDESIGN’s Chinese Chess was selected as 2017 Hangzhou Top10 Classic Works of Industrial Design. On October 15th, the belaDESIGN team was invited to participate in the ceremony.

    In this design, the tangram puzzle is integrated. Seven simple patterns are used as the chess pieces, which can be arranged to make various other shapes. The children, while learning how to play the Chinese Chess, can also feel the pleasure of the tangram puzzle.

    Chinese Chess uses beech, maple and black walnut as materials, and greatly stay these wood same.

    We have been trying to convey minimalist through wood, bring a more comfortable life experience to users. Thanks to Hangzhou Industry Association's affirmation, belaDESIGN will continue to move forward.

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