Wood Speaker-Rounded

  • On the mobile end enjoy music has become the norm in today's society, this design uses the physical structure of wood made a sound resonance cavity, making mobile phones play music in the case of no electricity be amplified physical resonance cavity condition, as long as we put, the mobile phone is easy to amplification in a can play music and watch video anytime and anywhere. It's not just a megaphone or a cell phone seat.

    Product: Wood Speaker-Rounded
    Model: WS1705X/WS1705D/WS1706X/WS1706D/WS1709X/WS1709D/WS1710X/WS1710D/WS1707X/WS1707D/WS1708X/WS1708D
    Material: Canadian Maple/American Black walnut
    Length: 17cm
    Width: 5cm
    Height: 4cm

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